The Initiative

This knowledge platform for EMERGING DANCE ARTISTS was conceived as part of the funding programme DIS-TANZ-START, initiated by the German Dance Association in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis in 2021. Funded by NEUSTART KULTUR, an initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, DIS-TANZ-START aimed to support dance graduates in transitioning from their education to a professional career in dance. It provided financial support for employment with dance ensembles alongside an extensive qualification programme for entering the profession. This comprised a variety of events conducted online, in hybrid formats, and in-person, featuring experienced experts from the dance field. Through continuous collaboration with dancers, educational institutions, and experts, the content of the qualification offerings was refined and expanded. The creation of the online platform EMERGING DANCE ARTISTS was motivated by the aspiration to preserve the accumulated knowledge beyond the expiration of the DIS-TANZ-START programme, thus ensuring its accessibility to future generations of dancers.

Our Commitment

As the dance landscape evolves, providing a solid foundation for emerging artists to enter their professional career in Germany is crucial. Committed to foster the growth of dance artists, the German Dance Association produced numerous webinars for this platform covering topics such as career development, working conditions, health, and key qualifications, complemented by a comprehensive workbook for in-depth study. Additionally, the platform provides further links to regional and national counselling services and networks, as well as an archive that offers an overview of past events from the funding programme DIS-TANZ-START and its documentations. To reduce language barriers (due to the international nature of the dance scene), the webinars and workbook were exclusively produced in English. However, we highly encourage international artists aspiring to reside in Germany for an extended period to contemplate acquiring proficiency in the German language. Mastering the language significantly enhances their dance career prospects and facilitates daily life in Germany.

One of the German Dance Association’s main objectives is the promotion of self-directed learning, recognizing each dancer’s unique path. Through (currently) free access to further education opportunities, the platform democratizes knowledge and enables dance artists to actively engage in their continuous professional development. This commitment to sustainable knowledge transfer underscores our dedication to nurturing a thriving and resilient dance community now and in the future.

Thank You

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the multitude of individuals and organisations that contributed to the establishment of this platform:

  • the dedicated dancers who participated in our qualification programme and surveys as well,
  • the generous experts who passionately and enthusiastically agreed to share their invaluable knowledge,
  • the educational institutions, particularly the members of the Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz (German Dance Training Conference), who provided profound insights into educational practices and the associated challenges of career entry,
  • dancersconnect who helped us develop a better understanding of the qualification needs and requirements of dancers,
  • the Bundesdeutsche Ballett- und Tanztheater-Direktor*innen-Konferenz (Federal German Ballet and Dance Theatre Directors' Conference) and the dance ensembles that welcomed and supported dance graduates,
  • Mary Delaney and the Agentur Grafikladen, Georg Schütze for the digital and graphic realisation,
  • and last but not least: our wonderful colleagues in the German Dance Association team, especially the DIS-TANZ-START project team.

Thank you sincerely!

Should you have any questions and feedback regarding the EMERGING DANCE ARTISTS platform, please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form. We appreciate your engagement!



Project Management: Johannes Bergmann
Coordination Qualification Programme: Dany Beyer
Team Members (Communication/Production): Ilaria Iannaccone, Tabea Wittulsky


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Managing Director and Project Coordination German Dance Association: Michael Freundt
Coordination Qualification Formats German Dance Association: Nicola von Stillfried