Being a Dance Artist Nowadays

with Natalie Wagner




    What does it mean to be working as a dancer nowadays? What is the difference of being a freelancer or working full-time in a theatre? Sometimes expectations collide with the “reality” of the job, and it is important to be aware of the needs, values, and boundaries inside a work environment.

    The webinar was recorded in 2023 as part of the qualification programme by DIS-TANZ-START. Please note that the content may no longer be entirely up-to-date/ current.



    Reflect on your expectations and the “reality of the job” as a dance artist.

    Your Perspective

    • Maintaining motivation is a major challenge for many dance artists. Remembering why you are doing this is very important: What is your personal motivation to work as a professional dancer?
    • What do you expect to get back from the job? Being aware of your purpose, supports you to keep up your motivation: What is your intention to do this specific job?
    • Sometimes, what you want and what you need are not the same, f.ex. doing a job only for financial reasons: What is your need? 


    Perspective of the Employer/ Artistic Director

    • What is the purpose of the job? (Be aware that sometimes the job might not allow you to use your full potential.)
    • What is expected from you? What is it they need from you?