Dance and then?

Transitioning from Dance into a New Career

with Fabian Obermeier



    In contrast to other careers, dancers must re-orient themselves after a relatively short active working period (transition). This often takes place at an age at which other careers are just beginning to take off. So, the life of a dancer is often dominated by doubts, insecurity, a great void and many questions during and at the end of a career. What will happen afterwards? Who will help through the jungle of institutions, paragraphs and guidelines? Where can one receive advice, support, mentoring, confidence-building, and sensitization for a successful transition process?

    This webinar introduces the Stiftung Tanz – Transition Zentrum Deutschland. The foundation accompanies and supports dancers from the beginning of their education through every stage of their career up until the conclusion of their process of transition. It is open for all professional dancers, whether they are employed or freelance, at city theaters, state theaters, musical theaters, in film or on TV.

    This webinar was recorded in October 2022 as part of the DIS-TANZ-START "Career Week for Emerging Dancers" in Berlin. Please note that there may be changes to specific dates or details. We will always endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible with any updates.



    To develop a vision for your life and future career after dance, an analysis of your needs, interests, skills, and values can be useful. These are a few questions from the Stiftung Tanz App:

    • What are your needs? (f.ex. better work-life-balance, more security, a meaningful task…)
    • What are your interests? What can give you fulfilment? Where can you be best who you want to be?
    • Dancers already bring many skills with them that can be applied well to other areas of work, f.ex. creativity, flexibility, accuracy, intercultural competence: What are your skills and strengths?
    • What are your values? (The fulfilment we experience in an activity is usually strongly related to the personal values we associate with that activity. One way to access one’s values is to analyse the value that dance has for one. Is it the artistic activity? Is it working in the theatre or with your own body or with a team? Is it making other people happy? Etc.)




    You can find further information and questionnaires regarding psychological aspects (Who am I?) and career ideas in the Stiftung TANZ – Transition App. It serves as a source of information and inspiration. It offers dancers who are about to change careers a place to go: to find answers, to engage in self-discovery or to be encouraged:

    Stiftung TANZ

    Guidebook “Soft Skills in Dance"