Vision Works

Career Coaching for Dance Artists 

with Dr. Isa Wortelkamp




    Who are you when you dance? Where do you want to move to? What is the next step in the right direction? This coaching supports you in defining your own goals within your dance career and in mobilizing resources to realize them. Isa Wortelkamp will offer tools for self-reflection and set impulses so that you can use your abilities on your way to your goal in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

    The webinar was produced in 2023 and provides basic knowledge. Please note that there may be changes to specific dates or details. We will always endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible with any updates.



    What is a systemic mindset? How can it support you in developing your dance career?

    Developing Visions for Your Future

    • Where do you want to live?
    • Where do you want to work?
    • What is special about the organisation you will work for?
    • With whom will you work?
    • Which role will you take on?
    • Who shares your privacy with you?
    • What support do you have from friends and/or family?


    The Walt-Disney-Method

    • What is the Walt-Disney-Method? How can it help you to develop your dance career?


    Write a message to your realist:

    • What is your dream?
    • How do you realize it?
    • What do you need to realize it?
    • Until when do you want to get it done?