Resilience in Uncertain Times

with Benjamin Joon



    We live in a time of growing uncertainty. The last years have tested us all in our resilience, especially dance artists have been heavily impacted. Yet, dealing with uncertainty, navigating success and adversity is deeply ingrained within the professional dance career. On certain days, dancers may feel joyful and light, while other days may feel frustrating and heavy. A dancer’s body, mind, and artistry are constantly challenged (not only) in dance classes and on stage. In this webinar, you will learn how personal attitudes, mental practices and movement can help you build resilience and cope more effectively with artistic highs and lows.

    This webinar is the recording of the workshop "How to Build Resilience into Your Dance Career" with Benjamin Joon from 22 June 2022. It was the first in-person event after pandemic-related restrictions. Dancers entering the profession and young refugee dancers from Ukraine took part.




    Writing Meditation “Being True to Yourself”

    • How does it feel when you stay true to yourself totally?
    • In which times and under which circumstances is it very easy to be true to yourself?
    • How can you expand this? How can you create more space for authenticity in your life?
    • In which situations are you far away from being true to yourself?
    • How does it feel to be not authentic? How does it feel like in your body? What emotions appear?
    • What would be the consequences if you would stay completely true to yourself in that situation?
    • What would be the next step to bring more authenticity into your life, into your relationships?
    • Try to visualize yourself as someone who is completely authentic. How does that feel?
    • How did you experience this writing meditation? If you did it with a group, you can share it with a partner. Switch roles after a few minutes and then listen to the other person’s sharing without commenting.
    • If you shared it: How does it feel to share your experiences?