Appreciative Communication - Fundamentals

with Christina Barandun



    Communication is the basis for collective artistic work. It is as much about what we say as how and when we say it. In this webinar, we look at the anatomy of communication, how our own thinking filters affect it, what triggers our stress response and how to deal with it, how to give constructive feedback and what opportunities lie in conflict.

    The webinar was recorded in 2023 as part of the qualification programme by DIS-TANZ-START. Please note that the content may no longer be entirely up-to-date/ current.



    Listening Skills and Dialogue Mindset

    • When was the last time you really listened to somebody? What did you do?
    • What was your physical and mental attitude towards that person?
    • What made you listen?
    • How could you use these strategies in other contexts?
    • What could you practice?


    Listening Practice with a Colleague.

    Ask your colleague to talk about a topic he/she/they would like you to “lend an ear” to. And then lend the ear by staying in the story, diving into the logic and trying to really understand the point of view – even if it is very different of your experiences so far!

    Reflect Afterwards:

    • What worked?
    • Where was it difficult?
    • Which strategies could you use next time?






    Christina Barandun: First Aid for the Artist's Soul. Stress Management, Communication and Conflict Resolution in Cultural Businesses, Alexander Verlag, 2018.