German Copyright Law for Dancers

with Sepide Freitag



    What rights do you have to consider when you use image and video material for your reels and stories on Instagram? What is copyright anyway and who owns it? What do you need to bear in mind to avoid risking warnings? And what rights do you have as a dancer? This webinar will provide a brief introduction to copyright with a focus on the aspects that are important for dancers.

    The webinar was produced in 2023 and provides basic knowledge. Please note that there may be changes to specific dates or details. We will always endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible with any updates.



    • What rules and whose rights do you need to respect when uploading material on social media?
    • What rules do you need to respect on other online platforms (e.g. your own website)?
    • What do you need to think of when using music of third parties?
    • What are your rights as a dancer in videos?
    • What are your rights as a dancer in and after shows?





  • FAQ


    What are the common mistakes associated with copyright?

    Frequently, choreographers fail to include all their intended uses of the material - such as photos and videos - in the contract, which is a mistake. Dancers should receive compensation for granting rights to their material, but this often doesn't occur.