Insights into the German Repertoire Theatre System

with Waltraut Körver




    Contrary to other countries, a lot of regionally established and publicly funded theatres produce year-round performances with their own multi-discipline ensembles for a broad audience. For dancers it offers permanent positions in dance and ballet companies. Which chances does this system have to develop one’s career and what challenges are dancers confronted with in this environment? Let us take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the structures and ways to work within the German repertoire or ensemble theatre.

    The webinar was recorded in 2023 as part of the qualification programme by DIS-TANZ-START. Please note that the content may no longer be entirely up-to-date/ current.



    • How do you obtain information on individual municipal companies and ensembles?
    • Choose five theatres in Germany. Can you find detailed descriptions of the current company, their programme, and performances? Which ones do you particularly like and why?
    • Which media do you use to read current reviews?
    • Most ensembles publish newsletters (at different intervals). Do you know some of them and can you find information that gives you an insight into their specific orientation and artistic focus?
    • Considering a (first) engagement at a municipal dance ensemble, which criteria are important for you personally?
    • Many theatres only list the pure dance productions in their repertoire on their website.
      How do you get information about interdisciplinary productions or extras involving the
      dance department?
    • Choose two companies and compare the numbers of performances of recent productions. What does it tell you about the company?
    • Being a dancer at a municipal theatre can be quite challenging. Which requirements are important to you personally in order to experience one or more seasons as personally fulfilling?
    • After watching the webinar, which points were particularly helpful for your future applications?